Privacy Policy


By using Staytuned, you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with this privacy policy. Please also remember that your use of Staytuned is always subject to the Terms of Use.

Data collection and processing

Staytuned collects data from your phone and uses it to help you to use your phone more efficiently and get the most out of it. Staytuned provides you with the most relevant apps for you at any time. For example, Staytuned might give you the navigation apps while you're driving, your favorite sports app when you enter to the gym, or your public transport app when you're walking to get your commute. In order to do this, Staytuned records the following items:

Staytuned starts to collect data as soon as you install it. The data collection will be active as long as Staytuned is installed on your device. The data is securely stored on our servers.

In addition to data that Staytuned collects automatically, you may be able to provide certain information to us like your email address or your home or work address. Some of the data and information we collect can always be used to identify you (such as your email address), while other data and information (such as your location or how often you use a certain app) can only be used to identify you when combined with other information. As described below, we also use some of this data and information in an anonymous or aggregate form that does not identify you personally, in order to improve our services and work with our partners.

If you choose to enter any address(es), we store that information in an encrypted form, along with the wifi networks (SSIDs) that your device is connected to at those locations.

Staytuned requires a number of Android permissions, all of which are presented to you before you download Staytuned from Google Play.

Other data usage

We might use information collected about you in an anonymous way and combine it with data from other users, to improve our learning algorithms and our product. We might share anonymous data with third parties such as vendors, partners, and other agents.

Sharing your personally identifiable data with third parties

We will not share personally identifiable data to third parties. The only cases where we might share your data are: if you give explicit consent for disclosure, if we are required to comply with a legal law enforcement agency or if a third party acquires our business. In case of the latter, third parties will be bound by applicable data protection legislation and this privacy policy.

Security of data

We use third party providers and hosting partners to store our data and fulfill the technological requirements of Staytuned. By using Staytuned, you agree to this. We use commercially reasonable safeguards to secure your data. However, we cant guarantee the security of your data, which may be compromised by unauthorized entry of use and other factors.

Access to your data

At the moment, you can only access the data by using the Staytuned, i.e. you cannot export your data from our servers. If you require your data to be deleted, please send a request to

Age requirements

Staytuned is not meant to be used by children under 13, and we do not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from anyone under 13. If you are under 13, please do not attempt to download or use Staytuned or send any personal information about yourself to us. If we find out that we have collected the personal information from someone under 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe someone under 13 is using Staytuned or may have provided us personal information, please contact us at

We reserve the right to alter or update our privacy policy at any time. We will notify you in case we do this with reasonable n

otice through our app, email and social media. By using Staytuned after any alteration to our privacy policy, you agree to all of the changes. The usage of all information collected by Staytuned, is subject to the privacy policy in place at the time of the usage.

Last updated and effective as of September 27, 2014.

Please email us with suggestions and improvements at