The revolution of mobile news is just beginning

Mobile is taking over in many fields, one of them being the news industry. Recent studies show a significant increase in consumption of news using smartphones and tablets. This has been forcing news publishers to take mobile as a serious part of their business.

A comprehensive study conducted by the PEJ and The Economist in 2012 revealed a good amount of data about the trends in news consumption behaviors. Get the full report for free here.

Some of the interesting insights outcomes of the survey where:

  • 64% of tablet owners and 62% of smartphone owners say they use the devices for news at least weekly
  • Getting news is one of the most popular activities of smartphone users
  • There has been movement over the last year toward using the browser rather than apps for tablet news consumption
  • People notice ads on mobile devices and maybe even more likely to click on them than they are to click on other digital ads.

Smartphone News Consumption

The study also provides an insight about the different behaviors of users in different mobile channels (tablet vs smartphone). Although the user might be quite similar in some areas, there is a clear higher engagement of the user on mobile.

News Consumption Tablet vs Smartphone

We believe that this trend will remain strong in the future, that’s why we are working to make it easier for users to consume the most relevant content for them in the most efficient way.


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