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The top 100 Android non-Google Apps

Would you like to see the top 100 Apps out of a sample of 1,700 devices from all over the world?

As part of our work at Staytuned, we’ve been trying to understand how people use their phones and how we can help them to have a better mobile experience and user their phones more efficiently.

Part of this learning has been looking at which are the most installed Apps by the users. Obviously Google Apps are at the top of the list (given that we are talking about Android devices which already come with most of the Google Apps) but it was interesting to see who are the other top Apps installed by users and see which categories are the most popular.

Here is a list of the top 100 non-Google Android Apps that we saw from our data:


Everybody has an idea for a great App; sadly most of them won’t be successful.

According to Gartner, less than 0.01 percent of consumer mobile Apps will be considered a financial success by their developers through 2018 (see article here)

The fact that almost every person has an idea for “a great App” (for us who work in tech, its quite common to hear this every time we go out for lunch or drinks) and the fact that now its easier and cheaper to create an App (even if you can’t code, you can manage to get a cheap App developed by a freelancer or a dev shop) has flooded the App Stores with a huge amount of Apps, which means that the fight for users is getting every time harder. According to AppBrain, there are around 35k new Apps submitted to the Play Store every month (see their stats here).

It hard for Apps to get discovered, user can be bought but costs are getting higher or are many times not sustainable, and getting users is just the beginning of the battle for the success of an App.

At Staytuned, we are building an automated virtual assistant for Apps, which we call an App Concierge. The idea is quite simple, we want to make smartphones truly dynamic to adapt to people’s life in real time to give the users the most relevant Apps based on their context (whether they are at home, at the office, driving, at the gym, at a supermarket, traveling, or at any other location). We believe that we can help people to use their smartphones more efficiently by removing the hassle of searching for Apps on their phone, using installed Apps more often, and at the same time help App developers to get the users attention by being displayed when the user is likely to use them.

At the moment, Staytuned is also an App, (available only for Android) so we are also in the battle to get users, but I won’t go into details about how we are planning to acquire our users here.

A key piece of our company is the data to understand how people use their smartphones and how we can help them to use them more efficiently. We released a beta version a few months ago (you can download it now from the Play Store here) and we’ve been learning about the behavior from more than 3,000 users.

Find below some of our learning.


The average user had 158 Apps installed on his Android device

Even though users had an average of 158 Apps installed on their devices, in many cases, up to 85% of this Apps where system Apps (I’ll go into detail in a future post)

The most impressive number that we’ve seen so far was a list of 28,125 unique Apps generated by 1,700 users.

Numbers speak themselves about how hard is the battle for users, with more than half of the Apps of the sample having only 1 user.

  • 1% of the Apps of the sample where installed in only 1 out of the 1,700 devices
  • 3% of the Apps of the sample where installed in only 10 or less out of the 1,700 devices

Google and Facebook own us

  • The three most popular non-Google Apps were part of Facebook. Facebook (84.8%), WhatsApp (76.14%) and Messenger (74.25%). And Instagram (51.9%) was the fifth most poplar App
  • The most popular Apps were Google Apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Drive etc., all being installed on close to 100% of the users. A bit obvious since Staytuned is Android only, although they are not always installed in devices with older Android versions)

I will be writing a series of posts like this one with some the relevant information from our learning, such as engagement metrics and mobile behavior in terms of context.

Stay tuned for more



Here is an infographic for all of you who prefer graphics instead of text:


First of all, thank you very much for your amazing feedback….

Last week was one of the most exciting weeks in Staytuned history so far. Android Community has featured our app in a basic post just saying that Staytuned landed on Google Play.

First we thought “Very cool, but probably not a big deal” but then out of a sudden we saw this post picking up and people downloaded the app more than a 1000 times on that day.

This was very exciting, the first “real” proof that people want this! Just think about how many people are a thousand – well, a thousand is definitely enough for a big party 😉

But the fact is, that like everybody always says, there are many highs and lows when running your own company.

Android development is very demanding because there are so many different models and devices out there. Every single one them with a different screen size, different resolution, different services, different functionalities or all together.

So what happened is that the first review came in – 1 star –

“So broken – This is so broken it not only doesn’t work properly but it causes my stock lock settings to not work if I turn Staytuned off. Uninstall”

This came like a shock because it runs pretty good on all of our devices. But very soon we realized that this is exactly the kind of feedback that we need at the current stage of our company. We want to deliver the best experience and we can only make the app better when we know what does not work properly. Still, It doesn’t feel good to know that we’ve lost an excited user and that we will probably have a hard time to get him back (if we ever get him back).

Then, the second review came in…

And like the saying goes, if you keep giving your best, you’ll get your reward after a few bumps in the road. 5 stars!!!

“Nice and not complicated – Happy to see that you chose tech over animations. Tired of too many apps that focuses only on the animation”

Nothing more to say!

We started answering to all these people, thanking them for taking the time and providing us with valuable feedback. We are constantly inviting our users to join our Super Users Community, where we discuss bugs and future development features. All of our users can become part of the making of Staytuned. Actually, a lot of the users who reported bugs in the first time and gave us bad reviews are now amongst the most active super users –

Another review said:

“like the concept – even if It force-closes quite often and obviously a lot of features are still work-in-progress. I would like to see the polished version of this lockscreen app :)” (4 stars) .

And now we are hooked – we want more of this feedback! We reached out to every single person who downloaded our app (we are sorry if you found our emails annoying) to get more feedback on what they like and what is not working (yet!). Again, the response rate was amazing and this just encourages us to keep working until we deliver the best smartphone experience to all of you.

We could’ve share this since long time ago (not that it’s a secret), but this day the words came to life:

Startups are always a kind of roller coaster, sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down, but it is always lots of fun. And even more fun with great company on the way!!!




So throw your hand in the air with us and enjoy what is coming up –

Ps – if you are reading this and haven’t downloaded our app, waste no more time.


Get it and join our Super Users Community.