The summer of 2015 might as well be a career-defining month for me

Experience of an intern at Staytuned – Vatsalya Ahuja

Having always been interested and enthusiastic about the start up world and an avid Peter Thiel follower, I applied to various startups for the position of a software engineer intern. And boy, was I fortunate to get noticed by Bernhard of Staytuned Inc. on AngelList. After a personal interview at Starbucks, Bangalore and a rigorous technical test, I landed myself a month long internship at Staytuned Inc..

Cut to first day at work; It was an ideal start. Bernhard introduced me to Sachin, the CTO and Abhishek, a full time employee. I also had a Skype chat with Alex, the CEO.I was introduced to the platform we would use to coordinate our activities and was handed over my task for the month-A notifications module based for the flagship Staytuned App.

What followed was 30 days of intense work, excitement and learning. Saying that Sachin is a tech genius would be an understatement. He helped me immensely during work and even otherwise. Bernhard and Alex, on the other hand, have impeccable management abilities and were stern when needed and fun otherwise. Couple that with their knack to spot the tiniest of bugs flawlessly, and you get a team that is destined to succeed.

Abhishek was fun to work with too. We enjoyed working together and helped and accompanied each other quite well.

One thing that amazed me was their work ethic, commitment and the strive for quality. The amount of hours that they put in everyday was astounding. That really motivated me to give in my 100% too.

But most of all, all them are unassuming and fun to work with. There obviously was pressure and deadlines to adhere to; but they also made it a point to acknowledge my good work and keep me motivated.

All in all, that one-month was a complete experience, there were happy moments, tense moments and a lingering satisfaction of doing productive work that I am sure would be on millions of smartphones soon. The only thing missing was probably that beer we could never get hold of..:p..

I hope I get to work with all of them in the future too.


Vatsalya Ahuja

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